How Coronavirus Has Impacted Equity Markets

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Through the lockdowns and the changes taking place, people were unsure about the processes that they were getting into. However, one thing that stayed constant is that they wanted assistance when it came to getting through many of the processes. Businesses and companies would make sure that they were getting assistance wherever they could so they could spend their time and effort working on something that made sense to them.

When it came to finding people to assist with their financial planning and maintaining some good numbers in the equity markets, they needed to get all the assistance they could muster. We are unsure about what the future holds, but we know that we are going to keep adapting and getting through. We were fortunate about working on the processes we were working on this far because we adapted, and the work we were doing could be done remotely, which was a massive value ad.

Fortunately, we did not get our business disrupted because we were, for the most part, not meeting our clients in person and would prefer doing that virtually. Otherwise, we could communicate with everyone over the phone and that worked out alright. We now spend more time talking with everyone digitally, and we keep adjusting through some of the processes. 

With restrictions easing up, we are spending some time working from the office, which is much better because it allows you to partition your life. When we were working from home, we could not maintain a proper system for family and work. With the office, it does get easier. However, we have been putting in a few additional hours to make up for the changes that are taking place because of the pandemic. Overall though, we did not make any changes to our working hours, and we went ahead with the same ones regularly. We did not want our clients to be struggling to get in touch with us.

Many challenges are working during the pandemic, not only on a work front but also on a personal front. We are particularly fond of meeting people, and we were not allowed to do that for the sake of everyone’s safety, which was quite challenging. We can only imagine how many others are going through the same experience, which can be nerve-wracking. Issues like isolation and lack of physical human interaction were becoming quite challenging, and people could not adapt to them, which made the days of lockdown quite difficult.

When it came to meeting at the office, we made sure that everyone coming in was following all the rules and protocols so that they were safe, and so was everyone else. We made sure that we had a proper cleaning and that all the people coming in were wearing their masks and maintaining social distance. We did not want anyone to be making anyone else sick. 

When it comes to clients, we are open to having them come to the office and meet us there. However, we would not force those who were not because it was challenging to convince them, and we did not want anyone to feel uncomfortable. We would coordinate with the ones who could not come to the office virtually. We handle meetings and interactions on Google meet and give them all the information and details they need to get through the process.

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