Protecting Your Wealth

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Blog by Westgroup Financial Management Inc.

Estate Planning Burnaby

  • Are your investments generating enough income and cash flow?
  • Is your investment portfolio protected from volatility through non-correlated investments such as real estate or private equity?
  • Is your insurance positioned as an asset class and integrated with your investment strategy?
  • Have you reviewed loans and mortgages to reduce interest costs and determine whether any may be tax deductible?
  • Is your income protected in case injury affects you during your earning years?
  • Have you considered the potential costs of future health care?
  • Is your plan being regularly reviewed and adjusted to ensure you’re on track?

It is important that your wealth not only continues to grow, but is protected against market volatility. Our proven cash flow investing philosophy and broad asset allocation deliver results that provide stability and elevate the overall financial plan.

Westgroup Financial Management works with you and your other advisors to provide more sophisticated retirement planning. A Westgroup Financial advisor’s thorough knowledge of your current situation and your expectations will allow them to offer you the ideal planning opportunities to safeguard your growing portfolio.